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Most people purchase insurance to protect against loss of their home, car and furniture. Many also purchase Life Insurance to protect their family against the premature death of an income earner. However, many people don’t think about protecting their income with Disability Insurance. But how well could you live if you weren’t able to work? Disability is an unpredictable event, and if you become disabled, your ability to earn a living could be restricted. Although you may have enough money saved to meet your short term needs, what would happen if you were unable to work for months or even years? The real value of Disability Insurance lies in its ability to protect you over the long haul.

Statistically, your risk of being disabled is great. Here are some facts.

  • Three in ten workers entering the work force today will become disabled before retirement.

  • 95% of all disability claims are not work related.

  • An illness or accident will keep 1 in 5 workers out of work for at least a year before age 65.

  • Disability causes nearly 50% of all mortgage foreclosures, while premature death causes 2%

  • Nearly 60% of business owners have not discussed how they would handle or manage an income limiting event.

  • Part of a well-developed financial plan should always include disability protection. With the various options available we can find a plan to fit your goals.


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